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open rp

1. Pick a Character.
2. Leave a prompt, a scenario, or a picture in comment and I'll respond. I'm cool with AUs, game verse, etc.
random geographic coordinates
random imagineyourotp
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[personal profile] newtimes 2016-09-25 10:13 am (UTC)(link)
( Honestly, he's been doing it for a little while now but it was only recently that he decided to push how far he could go. And now, he's decided to get right to the matter and he waits patiently for Doudanuki to answer. He can see the blush creeping across his face and he can feel his heart warm and swell as he starts to hope. )

'S not like I wanted to do it that way.

( He's never really had a chance until now. Or rather, he's had a few opportunities but he'd always let them pass out of shyness. Because what if Doudanuki didn't like him too? But now he knows and he reaches to grab one of Doudanuki's hands, )

Hey, look at me when I'm talkin` to ya.

( Because there are a lot of things he wants to say. )
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[personal profile] helmsplitter 2016-09-25 11:01 am (UTC)(link)
[If Mutsu had been doing it to him all year, he wouldn't have noticed anything more than "this guy is around me a lot." It was one of guys greatest shortcomings, not noticing others outside of battle or sparring. The idea of companionship was so foreign to him.

Which is why he is still looking away even if he lets Mutsu take his hand.

I'm listening.

[Don't ask him to look right now. He can't. His entire face us going beat red.]
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[personal profile] newtimes 2016-09-25 11:25 am (UTC)(link)
( Maybe not all year. It'd started off friendly and normal enough! He liked hanging out with Doudanuki at first. He was fun to tease and he didn't have to be careful around him like certain other guys. But at some point, things had changed and he isn't exactly sure when but that doesn't really matter.

And if Doudanuki won't look at him then that's okay. he didn't really have anything he wanted to say just yet anyway. If it was anyone else, he'd probably be more gentle but one of the reasons why he likes Doudanuki so much is because he isn't someone he has to be careful around. He can be himself and it's okay to be a little more aggressive, right? But he isn't sure because he's never quite seen Doudanuki like this either. It's kind of cute, really, though, he doesn't say as much out loud.

With a strong squeeze of the hand, he tugs Doudanuki and moves in so their faces are close,

I wanna do it right.

( But Doudanuki won't look at him and he isn't going to be that pushy about it so he comes in to kiss him on the cheek. See? No teeth. But he can feel how warm his face is right now and he can't help but smile against it. He didn't think Doudanuki could be this cute and it makes him like him even more. )
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[What is affection???? Seriously, he thought that this was supposed to be something wholly pleasant and yet here he is thinking he's about to burn to ash from how hot his face suddenly got. He likes it though. The feeling of being touched and the fact that it's Mutsunokami kissing his cheek. It's - dare he say it? - cute in how innocent it is, how sweet and honest.

He's never really thought of anyone as cute before, but the way Mutsu draws closer and pulls him in is just that. And gods be damned if he doesn't like the way Mutsu's hand feels against his and the way his lips feel. He thought he just liked Mutsu's presence, but he realises that over time he had stopped being as pushy with him, as guarded. He realises that he didn't act this way around most of the others, and while he was annoyed at being followed around, he'd tolerated it so long specifically because it had been Mutsunokami doing it. Would he have tolerated the old man? Jiroutachi? Even the tanto?

And there his face lights up again, redder than before.

He actually likes him. He likes Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, even with how annoying he can be sometimes. Especially because of how annoying he can be.

If you're going to do it right, then do it right.

[He can't be anything but what he is - direct, a little rough around the edges, and extremely bad at the usual social graces. He turns around and presses his lips against Mutsu's again, reaching up with his free hand to grip his clothes and pull him in.]
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( It's a surprise because he's never expected Doudanuki to be this affectionate. It isn't surprising that he's taken the initiative to go for the kiss Mutsu had tried to be polite about and he loves it. He loves it so much that when he feels his lips on his, he manages a quick laugh before returning the kiss gladly and throwing his arms around him--

Honestly, he throws all of himself on top of Doudanuki because as perfect as everything is, Mutsu is a giant labrador that thinks he's still a tiny puppy and he's so happy he can't contain himself and he just has to throw himself at Doudanuki.

Meanwhile, that sure is a flurry of cherry blossoms just spilling all over the place around them.
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[He should expect this behavior from Mutsu already, but suddenly having all of the other sword's weight thrown on him pushed him off balance. He teeters for a moment, but manages to stay upright. And he'd be OK with it if it was just that, but now there are cherry blossoms everywhere and anyone who walks into the yard will definitely see that.

As much as Doudanuki likes the affection, he isn't big on attention.

--?! Ok, time to let go. You're making a mess.

[He's going to try and pry Mutsu off so he can escape down the hallway, or at least into a room.]