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( As King of Nohr, Xander laid the foundation of peace and prosperity for the kingdom. Sakura, dedicated herself to helping the underprivileged, and the two worked happily together.

Though Nohr had been a country that had caused her family and people great pain in the past, Sakura had thrown herself into the restoration efforts, working tirelessly alongside her husband. Despite early whispers of disapproval (how could Xander marry a Hoshidan princess?), she'd easily won the hearts of the people with her charity work. She possessed traits many in Nohr had considered weak and unworthy of a Nohrian king but was strong enough to persevere and earn favor. New trade between their countries ensured even the poorest Nohrian never hungered again and despite being a princess --a queen, now-- she would regularly visit the underprivileged and tend to the sick and those injured from the long war. At her husband's side, she was loyal and attentive, unafraid to speak up in support of him and mindful of the stress he was under.

The two of them had truly taken on a twenty-four hour job and while they still made time for each other, it looked like they were working more than anything else. At least, that's how it had looked to their retainers. Which probably explains why on one of the rare days the sun was shining in the sky and the weather warm and pleasant, Sakura had found herself forced into a new dress and Xander with a picnic basket shoved in his arms. The four retainers had announced they'd planned a romantic and relaxing evening for their lord and lady and while Laslow and Peri insisted everything would be taken care of, Subaki and Hana were quick to step in and insist they shouldn't worry. It had sounded like a wonderful idea to Sakura which probably helped convince Xander more than anything else once she expressed her interest.

And so they find themselves at their picnic area-- a field away from the castle where delicate but hardy flowers bloom. They're completely alone and as they begin to set up, Sakura can't help but remark with a smile,

It's such a beautiful day...

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