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( As King of Nohr, Xander laid the foundation of peace and prosperity for the kingdom. Sakura, dedicated herself to helping the underprivileged, and the two worked happily together.

Though Nohr had been a country that had caused her family and people great pain in the past, Sakura had thrown herself into the restoration efforts, working tirelessly alongside her husband. Despite early whispers of disapproval (how could Xander marry a Hoshidan princess?), she'd easily won the hearts of the people with her charity work. She possessed traits many in Nohr had considered weak and unworthy of a Nohrian king but was strong enough to persevere and earn favor. New trade between their countries ensured even the poorest Nohrian never hungered again and despite being a princess --a queen, now-- she would regularly visit the underprivileged and tend to the sick and those injured from the long war. At her husband's side, she was loyal and attentive, unafraid to speak up in support of him and mindful of the stress he was under.

The two of them had truly taken on a twenty-four hour job and while they still made time for each other, it looked like they were working more than anything else. At least, that's how it had looked to their retainers. Which probably explains why on one of the rare days the sun was shining in the sky and the weather warm and pleasant, Sakura had found herself forced into a new dress and Xander with a picnic basket shoved in his arms. The four retainers had announced they'd planned a romantic and relaxing evening for their lord and lady and while Laslow and Peri insisted everything would be taken care of, Subaki and Hana were quick to step in and insist they shouldn't worry. It had sounded like a wonderful idea to Sakura which probably helped convince Xander more than anything else once she expressed her interest.

And so they find themselves at their picnic area-- a field away from the castle where delicate but hardy flowers bloom. They're completely alone and as they begin to set up, Sakura can't help but remark with a smile,

It's such a beautiful day...
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[ Their marriage had been forged out of politics as well as of mutual affection, but somewhere during the first few months of their time together after their adventures in Valla, the lines appeared to have blurred. As people who were terribly prone to forgetting themselves in easing the plight of others, this was an easy mistake to make, though he had nevertheless felt some sense of shame when it was his retainers, alongside Sakura’s, who’d suggested that perhaps the king and the queen were delving too deeply into their respective roles and insisted that they forget about them—at least, for a time.

And it really is a beautiful day out here. When has been the last time he’d surveyed the borders of his own country, instead of continually breaching another’s? Had he really stopped, as they say, to smell the flowers of his own kingdom? It strikes him then, as he lays out the blanket, that he has yet to see his bride standing against the backdrop of her namesake. The flowers growing hereabouts are pretty, to be sure, but perhaps…King Ryoma had once intimated that the Hoshidans had a yearly tradition of flower viewing during spring… ]

It’s very lovely. [ —he says after a moment, his thoughts catching up to her remark. But his gaze is keenly on Sakura as he says it. ]
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[ He only offers a wry little smile at that—in some ways Sakura has truly grown from their experiences, but in others…well, they have the rest of their lives to find out. ]

I’m thinking about you. [ he answers frankly enough, though he does get the gist of what she’s saying, as he places an arm about her shoulders, feeling the warmth of her body against his through that light tunic he’d put on for the occasion. It might feel a little revealing, to be without the armor nor the heavy ceremonial garb that befits his office, but in her company he finds it so much easier to simply…disarm himself. ]

But I apologize. [ He leans in to cup her cheek, the better that they might meet eye to eye— ]

I should be experiencing you in the present, not dwelling upon you in thoughts alone.
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[ He doesn’t think he’ll ever tire of seeing her flush. The bold, bright colors so peculiar to Hoshido. But even then he’d never want any of that to outshine her natural radiance. ]

You are an excellent queen. [ Nodding at her statement—they are both kind of bad at relaxing in general and it’s something he definitely doesn’t mind acknowledging. ]

And you’ve done a marvelous job of convincing the people of Nohr as much. Only…Laslow was right. With peace restored to all our kingdoms we must also learn to set aside our crowns, heavy as they are, and remember that we are also husband and wife.

[ But perhaps this isn’t the time for such grand speeches, so he smiles, and pulls his hand away from her face to…give her a light poke on the nose instead. ]

So, how can I be of service to this very dear and beautiful wife of mine?
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[ It probably hadn’t helped that Xander had managed to cultivate such a dispassionate aura in the Nohrian court. Even Camilla would’ve had a difficult time determining his own likes and dislikes from those that he’d had to make a pretense to at court. So he watches her face with a thoughtful smile. He knows that her retainer had gone through a great deal of trouble for this picnic, even though he’d had help from Peri, who had managed to behave herself for her liege’s sake. ]

Does it matter? I would eat anything off your hands, even if I know it to be poison. [ Deliberately being dense—the quirkiness of their little ragtag world-saving army has rubbed off on him, it seems. ]
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[ He can’t help a chuckle. How nice to make light of certain things which would have been spoken with a great deal more gravity within the somber Castle Krakenburg. Though lately, ever since their exploits at Valla, the whole kingdom seems to feel that much lighter, as if a great shadow has passed it at long last.

Maybe it’s thanks to his little wife, and how easily flustered she gets. That sort of innocence is rare, and for most of his adult life it seemed that only Elise had had it in her. ]

Forgive me. [ He doesn’t sound all that contrite, as he leans in, close—too close, even— ]

But your lips are already the most potent poison there is. I can feel my heart stopping every time I get a taste of them.
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[ A part of him can’t help but feel proud at the boldness of her actions, even as his eyes widen in surprise at the kiss. It’s surely expected, but still very much welcome and, indeed, he can feel the passion in her kiss as he wraps his arms around her in a similarly tight embrace.

When they finally break it up, he can feel his heart racing, as if to make up for earlier on. ]

Then perhaps I can ask you more directly if you wouldn’t mind sparing me a few more. [ Okay, so that still sort of counts as teasing—he’s been around Laslow for way too long and it’s starting to sink in—and well, his mind really isn’t on the food at the moment (sorry Peri and Subaki). ]

A king, after all, can afford to be a little greedy.
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[ Honestly, the way she lights up at him like this is only going to encourage him to perform still zanier actions to coax even the barest hint of a smile from her. It makes one wonder, if Anankos had been able to spend an eternity with one such as her…surely things might have gone differently.

But what-ifs aren’t so important as the present, when he has none of the affairs of state to distract him from one of his keenest pleasures in life. ]

My Sakura… [ he murmurs at her kiss, fighting the urge to embrace her still tighter. He feels just as overwhelmed with affection now that all other thoughts are gone from his mind, and it’s a feeling he’s come to miss.

And when she gives him that second kiss he presses his mouth against her just a bit more deeply, before pulling away. ]

No finer flower has ever bloomed in Nohr. [ His sisters might have something to say about that, but— ]

Her kisses are sweet, and her body warm, and… [ Slowly but deliberately, he loosens his grip on her, leaning in to murmur a certain sweet nothing in her ear… ]

ticklish. [ …whereupon he proceeds to, yep, tickle the shit out of her. ]
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[ And he does have the advantage of a really firm grip, though he’s careful not to crush her. But there’s the low rumbling of laughter in his chest that gets progressively more audible as she tackles him, forcing a bark of laughter out of him.

But he only tilts back a little—it would take a whole lot more to topple him, to be fair—but he does relent a little with his roving hands, and instead opts to lock his arms behind the small of her back, pressing her real close against so that she can probably feel the vestiges of his own laughter bubbling up his chest. ]

Heh, you—were you not going to take your revenge on me?
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You underestimate yourself. [ He can always count on her to never back down from anything, ever, after all. Least of all him. Still, he’s there to encourage and support, because as strong as she really is she does need a bit of a nudge every now and again.

But it’s not as if he doesn’t enjoy being relied upon, either. ]

Sakura… [ So she’s going for the silent treatment, then? Ah, that might actually get him to relent, though there’s still a twinge of amusement in his voice as he adds— ]

Won’t you look me in the eye? I’m not too proud to beg, though all of Nohr should see me so.
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[ He sighs, his heart full of warmth for the love he knows she still bears him, even if she’s enacting her revenge a little too effectively. But he wouldn’t have it any other way, would he?

So he buries his nose in her hair, drinking in the scent of her, and whispers, very softly: ]