newtimes: pixiv: 50428881 (pic#9788624)
Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki (陸奥守吉行) ([personal profile] newtimes) wrote in [community profile] elibe 2016-07-01 09:18 pm (UTC)

waterfall tall

( It's okay, Donut. Mutsu's been in a display case for a good few years so he knows how to wait things out now. He's waiting and waiting for some sort of reaction from him and when he finally gets it, that silly grin of his just gets bigger. Mutsu is clearly very pleased with himself, don't you see? It probably translates to Doudanuki as Mutsu's face becoming particularly more punchable with each second but that's a risk Mutsu is willing to take. )

Nothin`~ ( That's it. Nothing. ) Just watchin` ya, that's all.

Why? Ya feeling guilty about something?

( Is that why he can't look??? He isn't hurting anyone by looking, you know. )

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