♔ españa
10 April 2012 @ 02:07 am
timey wimey things.  
( For some, the year is no longer what some of you thought it was but for all, you are certainly no longer where you were originally.

The floor beneath you rocks and all around you, there is the sound of wood creaking. The room is warm, the light is a dim light, and there's a smell-- spice? The sea? Something sickening.

Yes, this is a ship.

Soon, there are footsteps; heavy boots coming down a set of wooden steps. Dressed in a worn uniform and standing tall, Spain searches the cargo hold. Behind him, another man chatters in Spanish. "I saw them over there, Captain." The boot steps come closer and until Spain peers over one box, green eyes staring before raising a hand to signal the man with him. In Spanish, he gives orders to return to the deck and tend to things there.

Alone, Spain's eyes narrow and he addresses you:

Explain yourself.