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[He could have done anything. The decision of who to give the omamori to was entrusted to Mutsu, and he'd chosen him. While that fact alone does spark a little bit of warmth in his chest, he can't be overly happy about it - it had taken his one wish away from him, and if their master truly cared about collecting important swords, they wouldn't give him another chance to die.

He was certain this was it, he'd be put in storage from now on.]

You... should've given it to someone else...

[Anyone else. Someone who had been slow to come home, who the master was excited to see. Or he should have kept it, as a favored attendant. Someone - anyone - their saniwa would have been sad to see go. Not him, who fought recklessly, ready to die, but unwilling to go down easily. Not him, who wasn't particularly good at anything at all.

But Mutsu stands. Speaks with the kind of conviction that Souza knows there's no arguing with, and that alone makes him push himself to his feet. He'll go. They'll - Mutsu will - speak to their master. They'll see who's right, in the end.

It's him. Their saniwa won't waste time and space and resources on nameless swords on Mutsu's whim to prove wrong a useless sword who wasted an omamori. The world didn't work that way.

But Mutsu could hope.]

But... you've proven yourself...

[Darker days in the past saw them laughing bitterly about being a pair of useless, no-good swords. Now, albeit with gun in hand, Mutsu had embraced his new purpose where Souza had rejected it, bitter and untrusting.]

He... trusts you... for some reason... [And he moves to lightly punch Mutsu's shoulder, ends up gripping it instead in some strange combination of fondness and being more tired than he thought.]

Mutsu... what if you're wrong...?

[As convinced as he is of his own conclusions, he still doesn't want to see Mutsu hurt like that, in the end.]

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