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Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki (陸奥守吉行) | Ryusei Sakamoto ([personal profile] tosa) wrote in [community profile] elibe 2017-07-21 01:06 pm (UTC)

He gave this to me. ( This ofuda. ) He said I could keep it or give it to anyone so I gave it to you. ( And isn't that something? He'd made his own choice and reaped the consequences for his own action. The saniwa had no say in that decision. ) I could've done anything.

( Doesn't that prove something? He says it like it does. Like it must. It's so clear to him but then again, Mutsu's always seems to see things a little more clearly. He's also always been a good listener. Even if he can't understand something, even if he can't agree, he's always a good listener when he needs to be. He can see Souza's anger receding and he lets everything set before he speaks again. He's quiet. And then he gets up, standing up straight and tall, )

Then let's go. ( Right now. ) We'll talk to master.

We'll ask him to summon a hundred swords. ( This will absolutely happen. ) We'll forge 'em 'til we run outta room. It won't matter where they came from or what they're called. ( This is clearly the solution. ) And we'll see who's right-- if he only cares because of our names or if he cares about us.

( Mutsu. It's him. He knows it. Just like he knew Ryouma was right. )

Maybe he picked me 'cause I'm Ryouma's. He sure didn't pick me 'cause I was any good. ( Low, quiet. This is for Souza and not all of those eavesdroppers out there to hear. ) He let me fight. When I got hurt he took care of me. And he let me fight again.

If he could replace us so easily, he wouldn't have given me this. He wouldn't have told me to give it to anyone.

So get up, Souza. We're gonna see master right now. We'll fix ya up and find out if you're right or wrong.

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