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Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki (陸奥守吉行) | Ryusei Sakamoto ([personal profile] tosa) wrote in [community profile] elibe 2017-07-21 06:57 am (UTC)

(He's unashamed of everything, reaching to pick up the worn out omamori between them, curling his fingers around it protectively. It had done its job. He'd have to thank the saniwa later.

His attention is completely on Souza, eyes bright, burning, direct as he watches him. The only time his gaze ever shifts is when Souza cuts himself, eyes moving towards Souza's hand, softening just slightly when he sees the blood, and looking back at Souza again. This is Souza. The guy that hates being sent to repairs. The guy that wants to break. He isn't going to let Mutsu help him easily, especially if he's mad,

What? (He's being purposely obtuse to make his point.) Instead of someone else carrying ya, you're carrying yourself? You can make your own choices now and that's not good enough?

( He doesn't really understand. At least, not anymore. It was easier back when they were just display swords in a museum.

"I'd rather be of use than behind a glass case."

"If I can't fulfill my purpose, I have no reason to be here."

It didn't bother him as much. He'd accepted his time was over centuries ago. But none of that made any sense now.

You're not behind a glass case anymore. Ya have a purpose. We have a good master. What's still the problem?

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