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Souza Samonji ([personal profile] thriceunified) wrote in [community profile] elibe 2017-07-21 05:55 am (UTC)

[Deep down, he does know better. He knows that Mutsu would never hold back his words, knows he would do everything he can to see to it that the best outcome - as far as he's concerned - comes to be. He knows Mutsu will be expecting a punishment that doesn't come.

And he knows Mutsu knows him, and still denied him the one thing he's ever said he wanted.

There could never have been any secrets between them, not really, not with them both sitting in the same museum, hearing the same histories repeated over and over, not with them sitting by and doing their best to calm restless nights, taking decades to get good at it.

Mutsu's logic is simple, straightforward, so very, very him, to the point where Souza has trouble finding the words to argue with him. So he sighs, keeps running his fingers over his damaged blade until he cuts open his thumb, the quick jerk back of his hand the only indication it wasn't intentional.]

You... must know... this isn't at all the same...

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