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Souza Samonji ([personal profile] thriceunified) wrote in [community profile] elibe 2017-07-20 04:29 pm (UTC)

[By all rights, he shouldn't have found out about Mutsu's schemes like this. He should have found out on laundry day, when the omamori tumbled out of wherever Mutsu had slipped it, when the sword on duty asked him if it was his, when he could deny it, and when the attendant at the time could reassign it. It would have been simpler that way, easier, less painful in the end.

It wasn't to be.

The mission was more difficult than anyone could have anticipated, but they didn't lose anyone, by virtue of the omamori alone. He'd thought this would be it. He'd thought he'd taste freedom, peace, the cold finality of death after so very, very long, but instead, as everything faded away, his broken sword knit itself back together and he was able to get up, use the confusion and frustration to fuel him further.

They completed their mission, but only just barely, everyone coming home in severe need of repairs, exhausted, ready to collapse.

And there he is.

There's Mutsu's stupid, cheerful face, ready to greet them, ready to welcome them home, and it's all Souza can do to summon up the last of his strength to punch him clean in the jaw as hard as he can, broken omamori clutched in his fist and thrown down to the ground in front of Mutsu after the punch connected.]

I... didn't want this...

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