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( Mutsunokami's name is the first on the assignment board at the citadel. On the board with all of their assignments and chores, Mutsunokami's name is at the very top. )

Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki - Attendant

( Being the attendant sword, he'd found himself with a whole new set of responsibilities. It's nothing new for him. This is hardly his first time being chosen. One could probably even argue he was chosen this time because he'd proven himself so many other times. He's a rambunctious and troublesome spirit but when given responsibility, he always steps up. His room is lit late into the night as he writes up reports and oversees inventory. While he seems to casually help the saniwa assign duties to the other spirits, you can't deny that he's not bad at picking those who work well together. He remains by the injured who are stuck in repairs for days on end and he keeps the smith company as they wait for a new comrade to come.

But early in the week, things are clearly different. He leaves the saniwa's room, holding a blessed omamori carefully in his hand. So this was for him to decide to keep or give away? He holds it up and thinks carefully, looking over the tantou playing in the garden and then at the assignment board that shows which swords are due to head out soon. That was when he got his first idea.

Souza was the first person he asked.

"Do you want this?" Souza didn't even have to speak. The look he gave Mutsu was enough and Mutsu just laughed, "Yeah, I guess it was a stupid question." And that was it. Issue dropped.

When morning came for them to head out, it was only natural Mutsu would see them off. There was always a speech before these things and his words are ready-- he's used to this. "Come back safe. Don't do anything stupid. Keep outta trouble. There are people waiting for you here at home."

Later that night, as the oil burns in the lamp next to him, Mutsu thinks, "He'll be mad if he finds out." Because Souza would be mad if he found out Mutsu had some how snuck the omamori onto him anyway.

Time passes and when it's time for the unit to return home, Mutsu heads out to greet them.

Welcome home--

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