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( A diplomatic mission has arrived in your nation! Whether they arrive by sea or carriage, they fly the flag of House Ostia, bold and blue and guarded by the most powerful and noble army in all of Lycia. Despite the formidable show of force at your doorstep, it's hardly an aggressive display of power-- rather, it's apparent that the people are merely proud and are accustomed to certain level of respect where ever they go. Even then, when they marched to their destination, there is a certain air to the envoy who smile and wave at observers, trying to look particularly dashing to the local men and women. Some of the younger soldiers can't help but look in awe at their new surroundings, taking in the new sights for the first time.

After settling in at their temporary residence in the land, all airs are cast aside. It would appear that the guest lord isn't one for pomp and circumstance, even if his escorts would proudly argue he deserves no less.

... And some are particularly loud.

A. I'll fight you with my 1 Strength
( When she catches you talking about how brash, careless, bold, or rude their lord is compared to others. )

Ex-cuse you!

( Her voice is high, echoing off the high ceiling in the chamber, )

What did you say? I won't let you insult him like that! So what if he's a little rough around the edges? He's only speaking his mind and why shouldn't he? He's the Marquess of Ostia, after all! Even if he's a little rude... he's been through things you wouldn't even imagine and he knows a thing or two so it wouldn't hurt you to have some respect!

Oooh... I can't believe this... I'm so...! Oh! I'm so offended! I'll have you know I'm very close to Lord Hector and any slight against him is a slight against me too!

( She might be a weak and peaceful sister she fought mercenaries, assassins, and dragons for Hector and she'll sure fight you too. )

B. "Blessed Saint Elimine, grant us strength!"
( Serra's taken to the streets to check out the shops and of course, she's dragged you with her. There's no escape either so have fun perusing the local bazaar and galleries, touring clothes shops and jewelry shops and local markets and the fanciest cake shops for hours. The entire time, she brags about how the cakes and fashion are back home and oh my god does she ever stop to breathe?

But it's actually a bookstore that specializes in magic tomes that manages to silence her. Now, she isn't a scholarly type so it's not like she's engrossed in magical theory and alternative ways to cast magic. She's a humble sister who follows holy scripture and verse. She taps a Lightning tome on the shelf with her finger and glances back at you,

Does this country not have Light Magic?

( Why is this in the anima section!!! )

C. "Yes, yes, I'm generous to a fault!"
( This is as much a goodwill mission as it is a diplomatic mission and who better to be in charge of spreading good will than the most generous sister in all of Elibe? This is actually official business so she's been granted a small escort and though she feels like she deserves more, it'll have to do for now.

So today, you can find Serra at an orphanage on the outskirts of the city. She comes bearing gifts-- food, blankets, books, and toys-- for everyone. She also tours the building with the person in charge, listening to the stories and taking notes, offering more than her fair share of comments and making plenty of promises. Yes, Marquess Hector is a very compassionate person and understands the plight of those without family to turn to.

When it's all over, she thanks them for their time and takes to helping with distribution of supplies. She holds up a doll to a little girl but doesn't give it right away,

Well, what do you say? ( She sounds playful and the girl appears to be having fun too as she laughs and tells Serra she's the most beautiful and generous lady in the world. Oooh, Serra's weak and these kids sure know how to play her, ) Oooh, stop it. Flattery won't get you anywhere, you know! But I suppose I can let it slide for now.

( Feel free to call her out. )

Choose your own route like it's Fates up in here.

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