adornmental: is also actually 5 years old (surrounded by actual 5 year olds)
Kashuu "misplaced swirly pasta" Kiyomitsu ([personal profile] adornmental) wrote in [community profile] elibe 2016-07-01 10:42 pm (UTC)

thirst squared

Yeah, I got something to say. You're pissing me off!

[He's tempted, in a fit of "I'm 500 but also actually 5", to just straight-up kick Mutsu square in the back... But by some holy hand of aid, he manages to refrain for the time being. No promises for the future, though.

For now, he just steps around Mutsu so he can look down at his face again instead of his back, setting his hands on his hips.]

Seriously, at least come up with a better lie.

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