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( She isn't sure who thought it was a good idea to do the laundry but Ryoko decides that when she finds out, they're banned from laundry duty forever and banished to the fields until winter.

Her first thought, upon seeing the whites mixed with the colors is "Oh no! My clothes!" but it didn't take her long to realize everyone's laundry had been mixed together. Listen, they've been together for a long time and been through a lot but she really isn't sure if she's okay with her underwear being mixed in with their work clothes just yet if only because she doesn't want them to see. She is a pure maiden.

She sits in the living room, sorting through the clothes and trying to assess the damage. She's lost a summer dress that she was hoping to repurpose with fall layers. If it was going to be stained pink, at least it could have been stained completely instead of with these ugly pink blotches. It looks like some of Kashuu and Midare's casual clothes have been stained a hideous shade of yellow-green and off pink as well. There's no saving some of these things anymore and she sets them aside to ask them what they want to do later.

At the end of the pile, she finds a few sheets that she can repurpose, or at least, she thinks they're sheets...


( She recognizes this ratty old thing instantly. As much as she hates it, she's very careful when she untangles Yamanbagiri's now blotchy pink cloak from the pile of laundry. She's not really disappointed that it's ruined, exactly... but she is disappointed because it had taken so long to convince him to let it get washed and now this felt like a betrayal of his trust. It was his security blanket of sorts and her inattentiveness had ruined it. But maybe he wouldn't mind? He didn't really seem like the type to care about his appearances... at least, not this way. Surely, the original Yamanbagiri doesn't have a pink cloak...

With a heavy sigh, she massages her forehead and neatly folds his cloak beside her, and waits. Maybe he's on a mission or in the fields or maybe he's resting-- who knows! But surely it won't take too long for him to pass by because if she knows him, he won't be able to go long without his cloak...

When she finally catches him, she crosses her arms across her chest and frowns. She doesn't really want to do this and her displeasure shows.

Yamanbagiri. ( She beckons him to come over, ) Come here.

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