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↪Dragonite was given to him as a dratini from a trainer he really looked up to and admired. He promised to take care of it and raised it well. It eventually evolved into a dragonair. One day, while using surf to get to a gym, a storm struck up, and he almost drowned. Dragonair evolved into dragonite to rescue him.
↪A rival gave him a slowpoke as a joke and a passive aggressive way to say he was slow. The joke, of course, went over his head. It has since evolved into a slowking.
↪Chikorita has a tsundere personality. She is very slow to evolve for some reason but he tells her that's okay because he thinks she's very cute the way she is. She is his youngest pokemon, having been hatched from an egg left behind at his daycare.
↪He actually has like 20 million tauros in the PC
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