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When he was a baby, his mother took him and left her husband and family behind because they were radical purebloods. Not wanting her son to end up like them, she fled the country altogether and kept his history a secret even after he was accepted into Hogwarts.

At his sorting, the hat stalled meaning it took more than five minutes to sort him due to being fairly equally suited for each house. When the hat asked Robin if he had a preference, he replied that he wouldn't mind being in Gryffindor because he'd made a friend on the train who had just been sorted into the house but insisted he'd be content in any house because being in a different house didn't mean they couldn't still be friends. His easy acceptance of others regardless of station was the last bit to push him into Hufflepuff. Professors say Robin's sorting is one of the longer ones in the school's history. Throughout his years in school, he was often told he "should have been" in one house or another for different reasons but everyone, for the most part, agrees that he's a pretty true Hufflepuff.

Het met Chrom on the Hogwarts Express prior to arriving to school. Robin was napping in his compartment when Chrom woke him up to ask if it was okay to sit with him.

Robin is a very talented wizard. He's hardworking, excels in his classes, and applies himself in everything he does. There really isn't such thing as a subject he's awful at though his potions are a bit lacking (he has it all down in theory but when it comes to execution, he falls a little short). He naturally becomes prefect and is a popular candidate to be Head Boy but ultimately loses the position to his best friend.

Eventually, it's revealed that Robin comes from an old pureblood family with a pretty awful history against non-purebloods. He's the heir to the family and there's a lot of pressure for him to return home so he can be groomed to take over but Robin decides to stay at Hogwarts with his friends and mother.

After school, he works for the Department of International Magical Cooperation in the Ministry of Magic despite many insisting he should be an auror.

During the war, he naturally aligns against the dark wizards but becomes an unlikely victim of the Imperius Curse.

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