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1. Shipwrecked
This is my island, understand? ( Spain draws a line in the sand with his boot and steps back, standing tall, hands on his hips, and head held high, ) And you aren't allowed to cross that line.

2. Dancing
( Spain approaches and stands next to you. Rolling on his feet, he looks around innocently before asking, )

You aren't going to dance?

3. House breaker
( Spain swears he was only gone for a few months. When he comes back, he finds his manor in a state of chaos The bookshelves are knocked over, the ink is spilled all over his papers, and that shirt wasn't pink when he left. Carrying said shirt and looking around the house, he'll try to find the henchman responsible, )

What happened?!

4. Secret
( He looks both ways before turning around the corner. He walks slowly and carefully, avoiding the creaking the floorboard. Spain has recently recently returned from a battle and he would rather keep his wounds a secret. After all, he wouldn't want anyone to worry. He shouldn't be too easy to find though-- you only have to follow the dirty bootprints and the smell of gunsmoke. )

5. Runaway
( There's a very important meeting going on at the castle but Spain has decided to sneak off into the city. He's currently flirting with some girls and making a few trades for trinkets that he thinks the children back at the castle might like. It's okay if the adults are mad at him for missing out-- the children will appreciate it, at least. )

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