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CHIBITONIO COME HERE also promptwise... Roma and Spain visit the Forum?

[personal profile] patria 2013-01-01 09:20 am (UTC)(link)
[ Being a responsible guardian is hard. Especially when you have to take care of a child like this. ]

Hispania, stop trying to eat that statue of Scipio...!
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sounds good to me ;u;

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But I'm hungry, Roma.

( This is obviously one of his more difficult days. Maybe Rome shouldn't have left him with Lusitania and Gallia for so long. )
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[personal profile] patria 2013-01-01 09:34 am (UTC)(link)
We can get food later! We're here to meet your new governor soon; I can't have him see you chewing on the head of one of my greatest generals.

[ In that case, Lusitania and Gallia are in for it!! ]
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I wasn't really going to eat him. ( He was just being dramatic. . . Hispania will sigh, wipe his mouth with his sleeve, and reluctantly come over. ) Do you think he'll make us something to eat?
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[personal profile] patria 2013-01-01 09:45 am (UTC)(link)
There, there...

[ No it's okay 'Spania come here Roma won't bite. He crouches down and beckons the child over quietly. ]

I'm sure one of his servants will have something prepared by the time we see him.
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( His eyes lighten up at the last part and he'll step livelier, )

And wine too, right?!
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Spabel, Nation to human AU, awkward confessions, assuming they are out on one of their dates

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[ Watching Spain from across the dinner table Belgium is beginning to wonder if something is wrong. Not that it's unusual for him to space out, but she's known him long enough to tell when something is off, and it's almost like he's worried about something. ]

Toni? Is something wrong?
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( It's been months since the last world meeting. Months since he's last been in touch with many of his friends but that was to be expected. Humans were always in a rush these days and their lives were always moving on. Recently, he'd spoken with his sister and had a serious moment, reflecting on the new opportunities they now.

They were human. They didn't have to listen to bosses anymore and could settle down. They could see each other. They could have families. They could--

When she says his name, he snaps out of his thoughts and gives her a smile.

Yes-- I mean, no! No, no, everything is all right. ( He'll even pick up his after-dinner coffee and take a drink from it now-- Cue him making a face as he swallows. He didn't mean to let his coffee go cold. Well, that didn't work out as well as he wanted to and he set the cup down slowly.

Since it's her, he can be more honest.
) . . . I was just thinking.
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forever "dates"

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[ It was strange. Adapting to humanity had been a challenge for all of them she was sure. She missed the perks of being a nation just as much as any of them, but she'd be lying if she said there weren't perks. Presently she's just happy to be out and spending time with Spain. They had so much free time now and yet she didn't see him nearly as often as she liked these days. It surprised her a little how much she'd missed him, and she inclines her head, settling into a listening position, reaching across the table to place a gentle hand over his. ] Thinking about what?
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( Spain often joked that filling out paperwork was the hardest part about becoming human but he learned after that there were other challenges as well. And he certainly wasn't going to bother her with all of them until her hand touches his and the words come out, )

People. . . ! ( How to continue now? ) Their lives are much shorter than our own but they have a lot to worry about, no?

( He turns his hand upward and holds her hand in his, moving his thumb over her wrist as he thinks some more. )

We've lived with them all of our lives and it's helped a lot but it doesn't make any of these things easier. Like the other day? Fra-. . .ancis and I went for drinks with Gilbert and we only had a little bit but the next morning. . . ( And by "little" he means "half the bar" which is still a feat in itself. He shakes his head and laughs. ) Ay.

But its nice. ( . . . ) Being human! Not having a hangover!

. . . It's nice.
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Spain magically gets swapped with his bb self, Port has to look after him until he changes back =3=

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[ Maybe this was all because of one of England's spells or something, EITHER WAY. She'd forgotten how much of a cute baby brother she'd had. Why yes she is implying that he isn't cute as an adult. Maybe because as a child herself she had been far too preoccupied with being annoyed at him trying to follow her around everywhere.

Portugal stares down at the small child that she's just scooped up into her arms and sighs. ]

Aiee, now what am I going to do with you?
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YES. . . also wow this is late and sorry i must have lost the notif /screams

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( Spain is totally cute as an adult. He's just mostly handsome now and you have to see it in the right light and squint and not know him nearly as well as Portugal does.

Hispania will hold onto Portugal tightly when she picks him up. She looks familiar but he isn't really sure why but she doesn't seem like a bad person. She was too pretty to be a bad person! And Rome says beauty is always a good thing.

Little fists holding onto her and staring wide eyed, he isn't sure what to say. Luckily (?) he doesn't have to say much because his stomach will let out a growl.

Growing nations have growing appetites.
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that's okay! and htfytfyg so cute ;;

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[ Baw baby tummy rumblings ;; She chuckles at that. ] I am guessing that means you're hungry?

[ WELL, she had been preparing lunch for Spain and herself anyway. Hopefully he's not too bitty to still enjoy it.

She smiles at him. One of the chairs at the kitchen table is going to need some propping up if little Hispania is going to sit there. That's why she'll quickly carry him through to her living room while she fetches a few cushions from the sofa for him to sit on. ]
Aiee, what do you think then, little one? Should we eat?
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( As she sets him down, he'll sit up taller and lean over the table some to see what she's going to do. He isn't sure what she has to offer. He'll look up, eyes bright and nodding vigorously. )

Yes! . . . Please.

( He's beginning to open up some though. The way to any person's heart is through food. )
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[ Obviously being Portugal she's gone out of her way to make a ton of food for lunch, so she's going to start putting out quite a lot of big dishes in the middle of the table. There's caldeirada (seafood stew with potatoes and tomatoes) with the traditional fresh bread accompaniment with it, pork with clams and roasted garlic shrimps.

She then goes to fetch a plate for the little boy and herself, as well as cutlery, smiling kindly as she returns. ]
You can have as much as you like, sim, sim. Would you like me to put some on the plate for you, or can you manage?
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( Look at his eyes grow! They could practically fall out and he's almost standing in his chair to get closer. Shaking his arm so the oversized sleeve is at his elbows, he'll point to the stew that he has never seen before. )

I want that.

( And then he points to the rest. )

And that and that. . .

Did you make all of this, lady?

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Toni Toni Toni let's fall in twu wuv.

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[Francis was barely above the point of highly functioning zombie that fateful Monday morning, cup of coffee in one hand and bag slung over his shoulder as he tried to assess his situation. Public transit. Heading to a laborious day of higher education. A full bus.

A desperate drink from his cup did nothing to ease his mind but it did mask some of the dread that had quickly flashed in his eyes - not that he was a dramatic man whatsoever, no! It had also given him enough time to scan for any available seats, frowning thoughtfully when he saw someone that was vaguely familiar though he couldn't place it. Just his luck, the kid with the earphones on was literally the last plausible spot to sit by (He'd ignored a few of the more suspect looking riders because like hell would he intentionally put him somewhere that'd only ruin his day more).

For his sake, he did at least try to ask permission before sliding in beside a perfect stranger, no matter how fruitless it seemed. Maybe he was deaf with how loud the music had to be?]

Excuse me? [a beat, and nothing] You do realize that I'm going to sit here whether or not you answer, though it'd be a lot less awkward don't you think?
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( It was just a normal Monday morning for Antonio. Hit snooze a few times, wake up late, miss the first bus, grab coffee while he waits for the next one. . . Yup, just a normal Monday. Fingers drumming away at the lid of his tumbler and feet tapping to the rhythm of the music playing into his ears, Antonio appeared to be in a world of his own. Whenever the chorus comes, he even hums his favorite lines out loud.

It isn't until the song ends and he pulls out his player, ready to change to another song when he notices something-- or rather, someone, out of the corner of his eye. Looking up, his eyes grow wide as he realizes someone is standing right there. By a delayed reaction, he jumps and one bud comes out of his ear.

Ah! Sorry, sorry! ( He's speaking several volumes louder than he needs to, not that he realized. ) Did you want to sit here. . . ?

( Quickly, he slides his bag onto the floor in front of him and scoots over some. He manages a sincere and apologetic smile. )


( From his headphones, an unknown song blares loudly. )

[personal profile] amant 2013-02-01 01:11 am (UTC)(link)
[If it wasn't so early, if Francis wasn't done with the idea of today, he would have found this stranger's reaction amusing. Or that it was cute, which it was. However, having to see him dance through one song had been enough and he's merely relieved that for now that he didn't have to sit next to the old lady with the wandering eye. ...she'd taken a liking to him the last month of transit and if he didn't like it at all!

His bag goes first, to the floor before he settled in the seat beside the brunet. The music still blaring earns his seatmate a questioning look but this time Francis smiles. Okay, his feathers are easily smoothed over by what he's pretty sure is pop music.]

Pretty sure I'm the one who should apologizing what's sure to have been a well-choreographed shuffle. [smoothing out his hair from some imagined disarray, he motioned to the stranded bud] Did your girlfriend give you that music?

[TACTFUL RIGHT THERE. Shut up Francis, you listen to another artist damned close to it.]
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( He begins to turn the volume down, )


( Now, he realizes exactly how loud he's speaking and he glances around quickly to make sure he hasn't offended any of the other passengers. )

Yes! No? Ah, she's just a friend, I promise. ( God forbid someone tell Sophia's brother that the two of them were still talking even after Antonio changed schools. The soccer program at their current university was much better than his old one-- here, he even had a chance of making it professionally if he kept impressing the right people. ) Ay, you heard?

( His ipod was honestly full of the strangest music-- pop, salsa, and other lively songs with a random dash of classical. A silly mix to play at practice and get the rest of the team in spirit after classes. They were fun, okay! And if they got the team up and ready in the afternoon, then why couldn't it do the same for him in the mornings? )

Sorry, I'll keep it down.

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[And yet the dubious brow remains at the guy's explanation. Denial was something the blond was used to, after all he'd denied a fair share of his more embarrassing interests (Like still life photography and Enya). It's not all that important though and he's quick to shrug it off.]

Relax, hm? You don't have to turn it down. [In fact just let him lean in and listen - and Francis would if it wouldn't get him kicked out of the seat. Personal space was up for interpretation.] I'm not that entitled I promise.

[Francis smiles brightly at his own little jab at himself, taking another drink and fiddling with the lid absentmindedly; suddenly:]

You look familiar...? Not a model are you?

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what are transitions.

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Same for me actually alsdkj

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let's do the time warp again

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get in the tardis loser

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best companion ever

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tfln; for a spain

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people will call it the Wrath of the Froyo. we'll be immortalized
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do we have to have froyo

( LBR, they're like, old as dirt already. )
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yeah man khan puns are hard
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i thought we were talking about froyo