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timey wimey things.

( For some, the year is no longer what some of you thought it was but for all, you are certainly no longer where you were originally.

The floor beneath you rocks and all around you, there is the sound of wood creaking. The room is warm, the light is a dim light, and there's a smell-- spice? The sea? Something sickening.

Yes, this is a ship.

Soon, there are footsteps; heavy boots coming down a set of wooden steps. Dressed in a worn uniform and standing tall, Spain searches the cargo hold. Behind him, another man chatters in Spanish. "I saw them over there, Captain." The boot steps come closer and until Spain peers over one box, green eyes staring before raising a hand to signal the man with him. In Spanish, he gives orders to return to the deck and tend to things there.

Alone, Spain's eyes narrow and he addresses you:

Explain yourself.
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[Feli doesn't know how or why, but seeing Big Brother Spagna look at him that way is enough to make him quake in his shoes.]

M-m-m-i dispiac-c-ce...

[If he could melt into the floorboards right now, he certainly would. He can't recall a time when the cheerful Spainard ever glared at him so ominously.]

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[He whimpers; he never really understood why some of Spain's colonies had such bad impressions of him. Now though, he sort of gets why they don't really like him.]

I-I-I don't know, I just w-w-woke up he-here.

P-please don't hit m-me, Big Brother Spagna~!
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N-n-n-no, I'm not! Please don't do that, I can't swim very well and the sharks might chomp me up!

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[He might start opening his mouth to explain, but that particular look and attitude from Spain are something he never cared to deal with, so he'll close his mouth and look off to the side with a slight 'hmph', arms folded in front of him.]

[And not just because he doesn't remember coming aboard, either.]
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[Not so fast, Spanje. He'll grab onto the other's hand before Spain can reach him.]

Just because you're talking doesn't mean I have to listen.

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[Not wanting to look confused or unsure in any way in front of Spain, he'll just frown.]

I don't have to answer you. I'll leave when you stop again, so leave me alone.

[Pushing back against that hand! He'll move to pull out of the other's grip.]

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[ Perhaps he doesn't recognise her at first her, what with her wearing some man's hat that she'd very politely borrowed for a bit. Anyway, she removes it now so that her brother can see her face. And the amused look on it. ]

Aiee irmão, you didn't recognise me? [ She chuckles. Never mind that she has no idea how she got here, she's just very pleased to be on a ship again. Even if it is a Spanish one. ]
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[ She doesn't object to him putting the hat back on, she was going to do that anyway. Not that she seems particularly concerned about being caught though. ]

Only if they catch me first. And tch, I thought you were supposed to be the captain, Espanha? You can't stop your men acting silly over a little thing like a woman being on board?

[ She chuckles. ] Don't worry, they won't notice.
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Things are that bad, huh? [ Come to think of it, her brother definitely isn't looking his best. But still. ]

What are you planning to do then? Just lock me up in the cabin and hope nobody finds me? [ A huffing noise shows what she thinks of that idea. ] Nobody will find out I'm a woman, I promise. At least let me make myself useful. I'm not exactly a useless sailor, sim?

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[ And that would be a teeny tiny poofy tomato-looking baby running out from behind the boxes to try and kick you in the shin Spain. He looks half furious and half like he's about to cry. ]

Stupid! Jerk! Spagna! Didn't recognise me!

[ Obviously this means you must have forgotten about him 8( ]
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[ He's still angrily wriggling around and thumping Spain a little bit with his tiny fists. ] I didn't sneak on, stupid! I didn't!

[ And then suddenly he quiets down a bit and stops with his flailing, burying his little face in Spain's coat a little. ]

...I don't like it in here, it's dark and it smells funny...
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[... This does not look good for Homestar Runner England.

--In all seriousness however he feels a weight drop into the pit of his stomach and it roots him to the spot. There was a time he wouldn't have cared at all, when he would've looked Spain defiantly in the face and sneered like the overconfident prat he'd been--

But now is not the time. Not only is he an Englishman and therefore he feels dangerously obvious but he's dressed in clothes that certainly don't fit the time period--a leather jacket, a sweatervest, a collared shirt and tie, old trousers and black trainers, all meant for taking a pleasant walk.

This time it's not his fault.

Sort of.

England wishes he'd believed his brothers when they said they'd send him somewhere. He remembers laughing as they cast their runes and the ground around him burned with light. Now he feels like he's been hit in the stomach and--God, he's too old for this. Shed off three to five centuries and he'd be fine and dandy.

If he could just steady himself and find enough time to cast a spell and return home--!

What's there to explain? England gestures lightly with a sheepish grin.]

It's not what you think mate, I swear.
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[England stumbles forward and automatically grips the wrist of the offending hand, scowling uncertainly.]

Go on and throw me overboard. Just try it. [England has other plans, but...]
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[It took him this long to remember that he's well fed and his strength is with him. Good job England.

He swings a fist at that nice presented target of Spain's jaw, because like hell he will let that idiot drown him. Like hell.]

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